An Introduction to VouchSafe (Full Version)

All About VouchSafe

incomprehensible CAPTCHA

Nobody likes CAPTCHAs.

You know CAPTCHAs – those funny little boxes you find everywhere on the web with the twisty, distorted letters you’re supposed to decipher and type in, to prove that you’re human.

They’re hard to see and interpret, and they’re really annoying; but they’re a necessary evil: website operators need them to help stop spam and some kinds of fraud.

Unfortunately, CAPTCHAs just don’t work as well as they should; and the only way to make them more secure is to make them more distorted and difficult to solve.  So CAPTCHAs continue to get more difficult and annoying for consumers, while in the meantime, spammers continue to create tools and software to bypass them.


Image CAPTCHAs and Puzzles May Be Easy, but They're Not Secure

Some people have tried to replace CAPTCHAs with other kinds of tests that are easier for people to solve, by using photos, or puzzles or other gimmicks like sliders and “click and drag” tasks. The reason that these haven’t really caught on is that while they’re easier and more appealing than CAPTCHAs, they’re just not secure enough to protect the websites that spammers really go after. It’s not good enough just to make a test that’s easier for humans: we need something that’s easy to use, but more secure than current CAPTCHAs.


The VouchSafe Solution

We set out to create a solution that was both easy and secure by researching what it is that’s fundamentally different about the way humans and computers perceive things.  It turns out that when a person sees an object, they instantly recognize a whole host of associations with other objects. These connections aren’t always logical, or even rational… But they’re absolutely human.

We’ve created a new technology that uses an adaptive AI to create simple visual challenges that either require users to look at a collection of objects and find two of them that are related…Or to look at a set of related objects and find the thing that doesn’t belong.

We call our product VouchSafe, because we vouch for your traffic, to keep your web application safe from spammers.


The VouchSafe User Experience

VouchSafe is easy to use: simply click on the “VouchSafe” button to expand the challenge… and then follow the instructions.  VouchSafe includes features to help make the technology easier to use. For example, if you want, you can expand a challenge full-screen.

For users who are visually or motor-impaired, VouchSafe offers audio challenges that are accessible via keyboard shortcuts. As with our visual technology, we’ve made a commitment to creating challenges that are easy for people to solve. 

The unique drawing action makes VouchSafe difficult to hack,  and also makes it a natural fit for touch screen devices like smart phones or tablet computers.

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How to Get VouchSafe for Your Website

VouchSafe is easy for people to use, and incredibly difficult to hack.  This makes it an effective solution for web applications where security is important.

VouchSafe is completely free to use. To get VouchSafe for your website, simply click on the “Get VouchSafe” button to register an API key for your domain, and then download your choice of plug-in, or use our easy API to integrate VouchSafe with custom code. VouchSafe lets you mix and match styles and colours so you can tailor the way it looks on your website. 

We encourage you to try VouchSafe on your website.  Your users will love it, and spammers will hate it.