Delivering Accessible Content

VouchSafe Accessibility Challenge

Accessibility should matter to everyone. That's why we've made a commitment to delivering the best possible experience to the visually impaired. We also recognize that some users are motor impaired and would have difficulty using a mouse or pointing device to complete a VouchSafe challenge.

For that reason, we've created an accessible version of the VouchSafe challenge that can be accessed and controlled from the keyboard. VouchSafe accessibility challenges include audio and visual components, to make them easier for motor impaired persons to complete. There are instructions for screen readers embedded in each VouchSafe challenge.


Hear the Difference For Yourself

Most audio CAPTCAs rely on obfuscation for security. To keep spammers from simply running them through a speech recognition program, the audio is garbled and distorted until it's almost unrecognizable. This isn't a good way to serve the needs of the visually impaired. Here's a recording of an actual audio CAPTCHA from a popular website:

Typical Audio CAPTCHA

VouchSafe requires users to make a decision about which selection of words to type in. This means we can deliver the same level of security with much less obfuscation. Here's a recording of a typical VouchSafe challenge:

VouchSafe Accessibility Challenge


How to Control an Accessibility Challenge with Keyboard Shortcuts

For those not using a screen reader to interact with a VouchSafe challenge, here's how to control it via keyboard shortcuts:

  • 1. to launch a VouchSafe challenge, press the "v" and "s" keys together [v+s]
  • 2. to switch to accessibility mode, press the "a" key [a]
  • 3. type in your response
  • 4. to replay the audio, press the "v" and "s" keys together [v+s]
  • 5. press "Enter" to close the VouchSafe challenge [Enter]
  • - you can always re-open or retry a challenge by pressing [v+s] again
  • - Submit the form as you normally would

What's Next? More Secure Challenges With Less Obfuscation.

Unfortunately, any audio challenge, no matter how obfuscated represents a weak point that a determined spammer can attack. We're currently developing a patented new technology that uses contextual challenges that will accept a variety of "right" answers, and will require no obfuscation at all. We hope to announce a beta implementation very soon.