Building Your Brand With VouchSafe

Using Spam Prevention to Build Your Brand

Not every space is a good ad space.

It seems these days people will try sticking ads anywhere they'll fit, and several companies are trying to monetize CAPTCHAs by using them to serve ads. We thought about doing the same thing, but we decided it's not a good approach.

Consumers have already made it pretty clear that they don't like ad CAPTCHAs, but there's an even bigger problem:


Why Ad CAPTCHAs Don't Really Work

Ads in CAPTCHAs set up a fundamental conflict; advertisers want their message and their brand to be clear and understandable, while site operators would prefer that you obfuscated the snot out of them - otherwise spammers will easily bypass them.

To try to avoid this issue, some companies have decided to simply separate the ad content from the CAPTCHA, but this doesn't really help either, because when you do this, users are no longer engaging with your brand, and the ad has become no more than an obstacle that they have to get past before they can solve the CAPTCHA.

The problem is that spammers target the same websites where advertisers want to advertise. So you're left with a choice between CAPTCHAs that don't stop spam, or ads that don't communicate effectively.

clean captcha ad obfuscated captcha ad


Brand Reinforcement

We've decided to try something different. We call it "brand reinforcement".

VouchSafe works by having users draw a line to connect two things that are related - so they might be asked to match a toothbrush and toothpaste, or a donut and a cup of coffee.

So if you make Gleamo toothpaste, why not have consumers literally make the connection with your brand?

VouchSafe lets you create associations based on function, or favourable outcome, so you can choose to have conumsers associate Sparkle dish detergent with washing dirty dishes, (which is its function), or with sparkling clean dishes, (which is what consumers want).

brand association in VouchSafe fucntional association with brand th_outcome_association

Our campaign managment software gives you control over the images consumers see, and the kind of associations they make. It even lets you target the domains where you want your brand to appear.

When users make a connection like this, it's physical and instinctive - they're operating at a very high level of engagment, but a low level of liminality. And Internet users are completing, on average, over 300 million CAPTCHAs every day. You can think of brand reinforcement with VouchSafe as being like product placement on steroids. This makes VouchSafe an ideal platform for consumer products in established markets where brand recognition is important.


If you'd like to participate in a free trial of our technology, contact us. We'd be happy to work with you.


DISCLAIMER: The visible occurrence of any brandmark or trademark on an object shown in a VouchSafe challenge does not necessarily imply a contractual relationship between the manufacturer and ShareThink Ltd. The images used in VouchSafe challenges are unretouched photographs of common household objects and brand and trademarks are often prominently featured as part of the product itself. Any incidental display of a brand or trademark should be considered fair use in the depiction of the contents of a typical household.

If any trademark holder feels that their brand is improperly depicted, they can contact us with an image of the occurrence, and we will either remove the object from our image library, or replace it with another brand.